3CX – Digital IP PBX

3CX Digital IP PBX

What is 3CX?

3CX is multi-platform Digital IP PBX Solution, that you can choose to deploy on premise or on the cloud. It’s simple, easy to install and manage, saving you time. It will slash your phone bills by up to 80% a year. And it also includes all the features you need, from mobile apps to web conferencing to click2call, for UNLIMITED users.

• Easy self installation & management
• Slash telco & communications costs
• Boost productivity with UC: Presence, Chat
• Work on the go: Android & iOS clients
• Integrated WebRTC Video Conferencing
• Improve Customer Service: Click2Call & CRM integration
• Install on premise or deploy in YOUR Cloud

Interested in 3CX?

3CX: The Future of Communications Today

2 Possible Scenario of 3CX Deployments

  • 3cx on Cloud

    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft  Azure

Common FAQs about 3CX

Getting Started with 3CX

1. Configure your IP Phones

In the wizard, you created a few extensions. You now need to use those extension numbers and passwords and enter them in your IP phones. If you do not have any IP phones, you can use the 3CX VoIP phone instead. You can use the 3CX client for Windows, which can be downloaded here.

You can find a list of supported IP phones, with detailed configuration guides within our Support page.

2. Configure a VoIP Gateway or VoIP provider

After you have configured your IP phones, you need to configure a gateway or a provider to make external calls. A VoIP Gateway allows you to continue using your existing phones lines. Alternatively, you can sign up with a VoIP provider and use this for external calls.

You can find a list of supported VoIP Gateways, with detailed configuration guides within our Support page.

A list of supported VoIP providers can be found here.

3. Download the Manual

We recommend that you download the manual. It has been written in ‘getting started’ style, so that you do not have to wade through a lot of pages. You can view here.

4. Learning about VoIP and 3CX

If you are new to VoIP, 3CX has a number of resources for you to learn about VoIP:

5. Obtaining Support and Contacting 3CX

The Free Edition is only supported via the 3CX forums. Once you buy a commercial edition, you can buy a 3CX Support package – which is inexpensive and gives you support as well as supported/recommended devices. Details can be found here. You can contact 3CX at info at 3cx.com. We also recommend buying from a 3CX Partner. You can find a 3CX Partner near you here.

Finally, have fun installing 3CX and taking full advantage of VoIP!

10 Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX

1. Much easier to install & configure than a proprietary phone system:

An IP PBX runs as software on a computer and can leverage the advanced processing power of the computer and user interface as well as features. Anyone proficient in networking and computers can install and maintain an IP PBX. By contrast a proprietary phone system often requires an installer trained on that particular system!

2. Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface:

An IP PBX can be managed via a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, allowing you to easily maintain and fine tune your phone system. Proprietary phone systems have difficult-to-use interfaces which are often designed to be used only by phone technicians.

3. Significant cost savings using VoIP providers:

With an IP PBX you can easily use a VOIP Provider for long distance and international calls. The monthly savings are significant. If you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls.

4. Eliminate phone wiring!

An IP Telephone system allows you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a standard computer network port (which it can share with the adjacent computer). Software phones can be installed directly on the PC. You can now eliminate the phone wiring and make adding or moving of extensions much easier. In new offices you can completely eliminate the need for wiring extra ports to be used by the office phone system!

5. Eliminate vendor lock in!

IP PBXs are based on the open SIP standard. You can mix and match any SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based IP PBX, PSTN Gateway or VOIP provider. In contrast, a proprietary phone system often requires proprietary phones to use advanced features, and proprietary extension modules to add features.

6. Scalable!

Proprietary systems are easy to outgrow. Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules. In some cases you need an entirely new phone system. Not so with an IP PBX. A standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions – just add more phones to your network to expand!

7. Better customer service & productivity!

With an IP PBX you can deliver better customer service and better productivity. Since the system is now computer-based, you can integrate phone functions with business applications. For example, bring up the customer record of the caller automatically when you receive his/her call, dramatically improving customer service and cutting costs by reducing time spent on each caller. Outbound calls can be placed directly from Outlook, removing the need for the user to type in the phone number.

8. Twice the phone system features for half the price!

Since an IP PBX is software-based, it is easier for developers to add and improve feature sets. Most VoIP phone systems come with a rich feature set, including auto attendant, voice mail, ring groups, and advanced reporting. Unified Communications features are included, to support presence, video and audio conferences and free calls via the data network. These options are often very expensive in proprietary systems.

9. Allow hot desking & roaming!

Hot desking, the process of being able to easily move offices/desks based on the task at hand, has become very popular. Unfortunately traditional PBXs require extensions to be re-patched to the new location. With an IP PBX the user simply takes his phone to his new desk – No patching required!

Users can roam too – if an employee has to work from home, he/she can simply fire up their SIP software phone and are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the world because of the SIP protocol characteristics!

10. Better phone usability: SIP phones are easier to use!

Employees often struggle using advanced phone features. Setting up a conference, or transferring a call on an old PBX requires detailed instructions.

Compare 3CX Edition

Edition Comparison


Free up to 16SC


From $188


From $225

General Features

Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported> 1,024> 1,024> 1,024
Call Loggingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Forward on Busy or No Answercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Routing by DIDcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionistcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Voicemail/ Music on Holdcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Central Phonebookcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Transfercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
MWI – Message Waiting Indicatorcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneouslycheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Automatic Pickup on Busycheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports SIP Trunks/ Gatewayscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Sennheiser Headset Integrationcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC)check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
G729 Codec Supportcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Reportingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Parking / Pickupcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Intercom/ Pagingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Custom SMTP Server3CX SMTPcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Custom FQDN3CX FQDNcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Configure BLF’s from the Clientscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Hot deskingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Management and Scalability

Web-based Management Consolecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Automated Provisioning of Devicescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Web-based System Statuscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Integrated Web Servercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Easy Backup and Restorecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
SBC to Configure Remote Extensionscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
VMware / Hyper-V Compatibilitycheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Scheduled Backupcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Connect Remote 3CX PBX Systems (Bridges)check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Scheduled Restorecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Inbuilt Fail Over Functionalitycheck-04-wf
Standby Licencecheck-04-wf

Unified Communications

See the Presence of Your Colleaguescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Receive Voice Mail via Emailcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Advanced Forwarding Rulescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Setting Up Conference Callscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Click2Call Extensioncheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Receive Faxes via Email as PDFcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Integrated Fax Servercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
View Presence of Remote Officescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Call Center / Contact Center

Call Recordings Searchcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Recordings Managementcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Queuingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Recordingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Flow Designercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Advanced Queue Strategiescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Advanced Call Reportingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Queue Statisticscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Queue Reportscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Barge In / Listen In / Whispercheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Query Customer Name Based on Caller IDcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Ability to Use 3CX Clients APIcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Link Company Directory with LDAP / ODBCcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Sync Phonebook with Microsoft Exchangecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Queue Monitoringcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Switchboard Queue Manager Viewcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supervisor can Log Agents In/Outcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports External Agentscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Callback if queue fullcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
CRM Integration / Scripting Interfacecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
SLA alerting/reportingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf


Android Clientcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
iOS Clientcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Windows Clientcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Mac Clientcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Web clientcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Manage the 3CX Client from within the Consolecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Includes 3CX Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problemscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

IP Phone Management

Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioningcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from Consolecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Restart Phones Remotelycheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Update & Manage Firmware Network Widecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports Popular SIP Phonescheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Application Integration

Office 365 (address book only)check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Outlookcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Office 365check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Dynamicscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Exchange 2013 / LDAP / ODBCcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Google Contactscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Hotel Modulecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Fidelio Certifiedcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Mitel Compatiblecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Multiline TAPIcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Web Conferencing

Plugin Free – WebRTCcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
One-click conferencecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Meeting Recordingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Remote Control / Assistancecheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Screen Sharingcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Unlimited Userscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Participants Included25100250


3CX Edition Pricing (Annual Licence/Subscription)

3CX is priced as an annual licence/subscription which is based on the number of simultaneous calls required. As a rule of thumb, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is sufficient, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call licence. You can upgrade your subscription at any point in time by just paying the difference for the remaining period.

 No. of Sim. CallsStandardProEnterprise
8295 (Free 1st year)369443
16675 (Free 1st year)8441,013
Support Ticket – buy here757575

3CX Edition Pricing (Perpetual Licensing + Software Annual Maintenance)

The price is inclusive of the software maintenance for the first year, after which an annual software maintenance renewal is required. 3CX Pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls a company needs. Usually, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is required, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call licence.

 No. of Sim. CallsStandardProEnterprise
Support Ticket – buy here757575

Compare 3CX and Asterisk


Avg. Rating
Avg. Rating

And the best part? You can get started for free. No strings attached!


  • Self host – on YOUR cloud account
  • On-premise: on Windows or Linux
  • Zero admin with automated admin tasks
  • Bulletproof security
  • WebRTC based web conferencing
  • Mobility: smartphone apps & softphones
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3CX wallboard
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