APC Smart UPS – Power Solution


APC Smart UPS – Power Solution

APC Smart UPS – Power Solution – The enterprise-grade of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) made by American Power Conversion (APC).

Most of these UPS units have a SmartSlot (with the exception of SC and SMC series) which accepts an optional interface card providing features ranging from network connectivity to temperature and humidity monitoring with the exception of RT and SRT series,

Many of these UPS units are line-interactive UPS systems, only running their inverters when the grid power is unavailable.

PowerChute software is a proprietary software works with all APC Smart UPS units, which is available for major operating systems.

Every 2-3 years, batteries are required to replace to keep the UPS working at its optimum level.

For UPS Battery Replacement, you can select the original Batteries or the Generic Batteries.

If you already have battery ups you might want to consider replace battery for the UPS