IT Vendors affected by the log4j vulnerability

The critical log4j vulnerability was disclosed 2 weeks ago in Java logging package log4j sent security shockwaves throughout the industry given how frequently that open-source library is used to develop corporate business software. A 0-day exploit was discovered on a popular Java library Log4j2 that can consequently result to a... Read More


What is SlideServe ? It is a revolutionary free service which gives users the power to easily Share, Discover, View PowerPoint presentations Online. Everyone can view presentations on it. People can see the latest presentations of speakers at latest events, find slides about their hobbies and interests and discover the... Read More

IT Talent Engagement Agency – iTalenty

Italenty, IT Talent Engagement Agency is spearheaded by 3 experts in their respective fields coming together and striving towards improving quality of IT talent placement. This ensures businesses have competent and motivated employees which enables companies to scale and grow to greater heights. iTalenty strives to drastically improve the quality... Read More

Attacks on Cybersecurity in Singapore Up by 89%

Attacks on Cybersecurity in Singapore Up by 89% Cyberattacks have grown bigger amongst companies in Singapore, rising by 89% in 2021, Accenture’s  2021 State of Cybersecurity Resilience study showed. This number represents an average of 236 attacks per company in a year. The alarming number of cyber threats have pushed... Read More

Why do we need backup Microsoft 365 SaaS?

During the Covid-19, more people are working from home. The world is fast adopting Microsoft 365 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It has led to the continual increase of enterprise SaaS spending and adoption However, SaaS is still vulnerable to data loss and data recovery limitations. When incidents occur, human error can cause... Read More

11 IT Outsourcing Trends in 2022

In the midst of the COVID times, the market is driven by the growing need to optimize business processes. In addition, the integration of application outsourcing is anticipated to further boost the growth of the IT outsourcing market. Enterprises are focusing on implementing strategic plans in alignment with their operational... Read More

Practical Tips on Office Relocation

Recently, we have moved to our new office. Here are some tips for people that are considering to relocate in the next 12 months. Here’s a handy guide to help you make the move without unnecessary stress. Identify and Locate Your Vendor like Internet Services, Phone System, CCTV Early Submission... Read More