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  • Enumeration attack dangers 2nd April 2020
    While auditing Web applications, our experts found a vulnerability to enumeration attacks. Here is a description of the problem and how to combat it.
    Nikolay Pankov
  • Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 136 2nd April 2020
    In this episode, Dave and Jeff sit down with Kristina Shingareva to discuss the stalkerware problem.
    Jeffrey Esposito
  • Twitch security and privacy settings 1st April 2020
    Learn how to protect your Twitch account, block spammers and haters, and make chat easy and secure.
    Leonid Grustniy
  • Dangerous holy water 31st March 2020
    Attackers are infecting users’ computers with a backdoor posing as an Adobe Flash Player update.
    Nikolay Pankov
  • 5 tips for not bungling home videoconferencing 30th March 2020
    It’s 1 minute to the conference call, your cat has chewed through the headset cable, and Skype or Zoom doesn’t want to connect. Get ready for videoconferencing in advance — we explain how.
    Vladislav Biryukov
  • LightSpy spyware targets iPhone users in Hong Kong 27th March 2020
    During a cyberattack in Hong Kong, LightSpy spyware infected the iPhones of people visiting counterfeit news sites.
    Pavel Shoshin
  • Coronavirus as a hook 26th March 2020
    We tell how the coronavirus scare is being exploited by phishers to attack companies and install malware.
    Tatyana Shcherbakova
  • How to keep your smartphone coronavirus-free 25th March 2020
    Smartphones are always covered in bacteria, but viruses can also survive there, including COVID-19. We explain how to properly disinfect your smartphone.
    Kaspersky Team
  • Updated protection for Microsoft Office 365 25th March 2020
    In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a growing need to protect collaborative software. We updated Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 and extended the free license period to six months.
    Nikolay Pankov
  • People infected with coronavirus are all around you, says Ginp Trojan 24th March 2020
    Ginp banking Trojan uses information about people infected with coronavirus as bait to lure Android users into giving away credit card data.
    Alexander Eremin