Today, you have the ability to deploy and scale computing resources rapidly without the expensive and tedious work of building a mini datacentre,. Best of all, you can save the costs of running servers with idle capacity due to variable workloads.

To make the dynamic provisioning simpler in the Cloud for infrastructure providers (including service providers who offer dedicated servers, VPS or IaaS). Plesk has Ready-To-Use VM Images to deploy on Microsoft Windows Azure.

3 Operating  Platforms

  1. Windows
  2. Linux (Ubuntu)
  3. Linux (Centos).

2 Ways to Deploy Plesk

  1. Webhost – Pay more with Azure with Plesk License – suitable for short use (less than 12 mths)
  2. BYOL – Bring Your Own License  – recommend for longer use (more than 12 mths). See Below on Plesk Website

Plesk Pricing Dedicated Monthly

Plesk Pricing Dedicated YearlyCheck Plesk Pricing

Installing Plesk on Microsoft Azure (Linux/Windows)


Microsoft shows you how easy it is to create a Windows virtual machine (VM) from a Plesk-published image by using the Azure Portal.