Microsoft 365 (M365) Roadmap Features

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Features

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  • Outlook for iOS: Time-zone support 28th March 2020
    You can schedule events and meetings with co-workers in a different time-zone.Availability date: Q3 CY2020
  • Tenant specific mailbox for sharing comms 28th March 2020
    Today all tenants share a common [email protected] domain for various email communication scenarios. With this update , we will segregate tenant emails by domain removing the risk of emails being sorted into junk folders and segregating spam scores. Now, these emails will come from tenant-specific mailboxes like [email protected] This will not impact emails that are […]
  • Outlook for Android: Search results includes deleted folders 28th March 2020
    When searching for an email or attachment, Outlook for Android will include data from your Deleted folder.Availability date: Q3 CY2020
  • SharePoint lists - rename "Flow" to "Automate" 28th March 2020
    As announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019, Microsoft Flow is being renamed to "Microsoft Power Automate" to better align with the Microsoft Power Platform. You will start to see Microsoft Flow be replaced by Microsoft Power Automate throughout the service. These changes will start to become visible in Microsoft documentation, Admin center, etc. in the near […]
  • Conditional access for macOS 28th March 2020
    OneDrive for Mac now respects conditional access for policies such as forced MFA, location based IP range filtering, and device compliance (as managed by Azure intune). Devices that do not fulfill the conditional access requirements will not be able to sync content.Availability date: April CY2020
  • Microsoft Teams - background effects in Teams meetings 28th March 2020
    We are building upon the heavily popular background blur feature in Teams meetings with background effects. This new feature in Teams allow meetings attendees to customize their background from a list of pre-selected images.Availability date: April CY2020
  • Microsoft Teams - Include up to 10,000 users in an individual team 28th March 2020
    We are raising the upper limit on individual team membership from 5,000 to 10,000 users. We are excited for this increase in team membership to power collaboration and process scenarios especially for large teams and organizations that rely on firstline workers.Availability date: April CY2020
  • SharePoint lists & libraries - Automate flows can run on individual items 28th March 2020
    This SharePoint list and library update allow people to build Microsoft Power Automate flows that can run on individual items contained within a document library or list.More info: date: April CY2020
  • Copy your Project 28th March 2020
    Start your new project quickly by copying an existing project instead of having to start from a blank canvas.Availability date: April CY2020
  • Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites 27th March 2020
    Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sites brings the Microsoft Search experience to classic SharePoint sites and moves the search box to the application header in Office 365.More info: date: Q3 CY2020
  • New Feature: Microsoft Forms: Specific User Sharing for Collaboration 27th March 2020
    Microsoft Forms: Specific User Sharing for Collaboration is a new Office 365 feature that allows Form Owners to collaborate with specific users or security groups. This allows for the creation of specified Co-authors that can help design the form and view/analyze response data and allows a Form Owner to keep the collaboration locked down much […]
  • Update to sharing links for "people with existing access" 27th March 2020
    We are updating the "people with existing access" links that users can obtain when sharing to redirect recipients to the OneDrive file previewers instead of directly downloading the file. This has been the existing behavior for Office file types and we are now extending support to all other file types..Availability date: April CY2020
  • Differential sync for all file types in OneDrive for Business 27th March 2020
    OneDrive will synchronize large files significantly faster and considerably reduce network utilization for all file typesAvailability date: April CY2020
  • Outlook for iOS: Meeting Insights on the Search page 27th March 2020
    A new carousel on the Search home page will include quick access to with files and conversation threads that are relevant to the meetings on your calendar for the coming week (Meeting Insights)Availability date: April CY2020
  • Outlook for Android: Play My Emails 26th March 2020
    Play My Emails on the go to get time back in your day with a voice forward, intelligent experience for reading new email in your focused inbox when you’re on the move or when your hands are busy doing other things. The optional touch interface is designed to allow you to easily take action on […]
  • Microsoft Teams - Manage discovery of private teams 26th March 2020
    Teams is making it easy to discover and join private teams. Admins and team owners can control whether they want to allow private teams to be discovered by Teams users. When a private team is discoverable, it shows up in search results and is included in suggestions in the team gallery alongside public teams in […]
  • Store recordings in-region storage when Stream is not available in Go Local 26th March 2020
    Teams meeting recordings are stored in Microsoft Stream cloud storage. Tenant admins have an option to go the admin center to turn ON/OFF “Allow cloud recording” setting for Teams meetings. Cloud recordings are currently not allowed/enabled for customers where Stream service is not available in the corresponding Go Local region. We are going to change […]
  • Outlook for Android: Actionable contact search answers 26th March 2020
    Duplicate of 53122Availability date: April CY2020
  • Shy header for modern SharePoint sites and hub sites 26th March 2020
    Modern SharePoint site and hub site header states will collapse upon scroll. You will see the header get smaller when you begin to scroll down through the site to maximize the reading space on the page, giving viewers easier access to content.Availability date: April CY2020
  • Microsoft Search in Windows 10 25th March 2020
    We're bringing Microsoft Search to the Windows 10 search box. Microsoft Search is an enterprise search experience that increases productivity and saves time by delivering more relevant search results for your organization.Availability date: Q4 CY2020