Microsoft 365 (M365) Roadmap Features

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Features

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  • Outlook on the web - recurring series room availability 29th January 2020
    Now when creating a recurring series, Outlook will show you the number of instances a room is free for your series so you can book with confidence.More info: date: Q3 CY2019
  • Outlook for Mac: Actionable Messages 29th January 2020
    Support actions in emails created with adaptive cards. Developers can use adaptive cards to create email message with actions such as Approve or survey responses.  Availability date: Q3 CY2020
  • Outlook on the web - More controls for events from email 29th January 2020
    We are making available more end-user granular controls for events from email.Availability date: Q3 CY2019
  • Security Dafaults for Azure AD 29th January 2020
    Security defaults is the generally available version of Azure Active Directory Baseline Protection policies and is available today for all tenants. We'll be gradually replacing Baseline Protection policies with security defaultsMore info: date: Q4 CY2019
  • Outlook on the web - Automatic sensitivity labeling 29th January 2020
    Admins can set up sensitivity labels, enable auto-classification for each of them, and apply those labels across certain groups and conditions.More info: date: Q4 CY2019
  • Outlook on the web - inline translation 29th January 2020
    Inline Translation detects the language in incoming email messages and offers to translate them into your mailbox's language.Availability date: Q2 CY2019
  • Outlook on the web - new experience in government environmen (GCC High)ts 29th January 2020
    We recently launched the new Outlook on the web experience for world-wide customers. This release is for customers in government’ environments (GCC High).More info: date: Q2 CY2020
  • Outlook on the web - new experience in DoD 29th January 2020
    Following the roll out of the new experience for Outlook on the web, it will be made available for DoD level customers.More info: date: Q2 CY2020
  • Azure Information Protection analytics (preview) 29th January 2020
    Gain insights into your classified, labeled and protected data across your environment, including the volume of labeled and protected documents & emails over time, distribution of files by label type and where labels were applied.Availability date: Q1 CY2019
  • Longer-term retention on audit logs 28th January 2020
    Log retention for up to one year to meet investigation requirements and customize retention policies per an organization’s requirementsAvailability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Near real-time access to audit data 28th January 2020
    High bandwidth allowances in the audit API to ease limits associated with throttling during log ingestion and enable fast access to audit eventsAvailability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Add call to action link to hero web part 28th January 2020
    Using the latest version of the hero web part on SharePoint, authors can add a link to content and an additional call to action link that displays on the tile.More info: date: Q3 CY2019
  • News gets hero tiles as a layout 28th January 2020
    A layout similar to the Hero web part is now available in News.Availability date: Q3 CY2019
  • Enhanced list editing in grid view 28th January 2020
    Use new quick edit to cut & paste data from other sourcesMore info: date: Q3 CY2019
  • Button and Call-to-Action web parts 28th January 2020
    The Button web part and Call-to-Action web part allow you to provide text on a button that will load content for the page viewer to consume. The Call-to-Action web part can add text or an image.Availability date: Q3 CY2019
  • Modern document sets 28th January 2020
    Integrate the document sets with the rest of the modern SharePoint user experienceAvailability date: Q2 CY2019
  • Sticky column headers 28th January 2020
    For large lists and libraries, the column headers will remain visible as you scroll vertically or horizontally in larger lists and libraries.More info: date: Q1 CY2019
  • Signals 28th January 2020
    We’re adding visual cues about the status of a file, such as check-outs, sharing, DLP blocks, or missing metadata to modern views.More info: date: Q1 CY2019
  • Outlook for Windows: Signature cloud settings 28th January 2020
    Your Signature settings are stored in the cloud so your experience is consistent when you access Outlook for Windows on any computer. Availability date: Q2 CY2020
  • Outlook for iOS: In app icons with coherent, Fluent design 28th January 2020
    Outlook rolls out new icons within the application that adhere to the new Office 365 Fluent design approach.Availability date: February CY2020