Microsoft 365 (M365) Roadmap Features

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Features

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  • Outlook for Windows: Advanced Room Finder with filters 17th January 2020
    Adding an Advanced Room Browse functionality as a replacement for the existing Room Finder add-in in the meeting form leverage similar functionality that will be used in Outlook on the web.Availability date: Q3 CY2020
  • Enhanced filtering for connectors 17th January 2020
    This feature will help organizations that have complex mail routing set ups. This basically means that your MX record does not point to Office 365 EOP and you receive mail through an inbound connector. Properly configured connectors are a trusted source of incoming mail to Office 365, but connectors aren’t necessarily the true source of […]
  • Updates to "Recent View" on web 17th January 2020
    We are updating the Recent View in on OneDrive Web to include the Activity and Sharing columns Availability date: Q2 CY2020
  • Simplifying management of Intra-Org Spoof and DMARC Failures 17th January 2020
    Intra-Org Spoof and DMARC Failures – We are simplifying the way that our customer manage anti-spoofing by consolidating all spoof actions and management under one policy: the Anti-Phishing policy. This means that we will no longer take the Spam action, as dictated in the Anti-Spam policy, for intra-org spoof and DMARC failures. Cross-org spoof will […]
  • SharePoint: Home sites 17th January 2020
    A Home site is the top of your intranet - the landing page that reflects your branding and brings your organization together with rich experiences. Microsoft is helping you build and launch a successful home site, built on the familiar communication sites platform, with great looking and highly functional out-of-box experiences. This SharePoint home sites […]
  • Microsoft Teams - Teams/Skype Consumer chat and calling interop 17th January 2020
    Enable Teams and Skype for Consumers users to chat and make VoIP calls to each otherAvailability date: Q1 CY2020
  • Microsoft Bookings - group bookings 17th January 2020
    Group bookings will allow a business to provide a service where multiple users can book an appointment with a single staff member.Availability date: February CY2020
  • Combining Services & add-ins, Security & privacy, and Organization profile on a single page in Microsoft 365 admin center 17th January 2020
    We're combining the Services & add-ins or Apps, Security & privacy, and Organization profile pages under a single page in the admin center to simplify settings management. You'll be able to search and manage all of your settings in a single page.Availability date: February CY2020
  • SharePoint: Page Difference Visualization 17th January 2020
    With page difference visualization, you can see the version history of a modern page or news post and compare versions in SharePoint, including comparing changes visually on the page. You can see when a page was changed and who changed it. You can also see when properties (information about the file) were changed. If you […]
  • Introducing the Quarantine Administrator Role 17th January 2020
    We’re introducing the Quarantine Administrator RBAC Role. With this introduction, users can now add a role for Quarantine to role groups within the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. The new Quarantine role will provide access to all components of Quarantine. We'll be gradually rolling this out in mid-October 2019, and the roll out will […]
  • Personalized onboarding 16th January 2020
    When users use OneDrive for the first time they would be asked questions on various scenarios and based on their answers , they will get a tailored onboarding experienceAvailability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Microsoft Forms available for Department of Defense 16th January 2020
    Microsoft Forms, a simple, lightweight application that lets you create surveys, quizzes, and polls with ease, will be available for your organization.More info: date: Q4 CY2019
  • Teachers get early access to class teams created with SDS 16th January 2020
    New class teams created with School Data Sync now allow Teachers time to prep and build their team before students join—clicking 'Activate' allows students in and signals the start of their collaboration in Teams.Availability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Updates to outbound spam settings 16th January 2020
    We’re updating the Outbound spam settings together with the Anti-spam policy page in Security and Compliance Center (SCC). With these updates, admins will see a more streamlined Anti-spam policy page in SCC together with a number of new options in the Outbound spam filter policy. Admins will be able to set limits for the number […]
  • Introducing File Upload 16th January 2020
    a type of question that allows responders to upload files, such as Office documents, images, and video, to their answers. These uploaded files are safely stored in your SharePoint or OneDrive for you to access with ease. With file upload, you can, for example, create a recruiting form that collects resumes or a photography competition […]
  • Introducing Multilingual Support for Government 16th January 2020
    Multilingual support is now available for GCC. With Multilingual Support, the form designer can add multiple language versions, which allows respondents to choose their preferred language. All responses will then be stored in a single form for easy analysis.Availability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Microsoft Education - Weekly Parent Email Digest 16th January 2020
    On a weekly basis, Teams sends emails to parents on assignments and their statuses.Availability date: Q4 CY2019
  • Updated settings interface for OneDrive mobile app( iOS) 16th January 2020
    App settings page will be refreshed to make configurations simple and more accessible . “Camera Upload” settings will also be updated to give users more control over various features.Availability date: Q3 CY2019
  • 360° images previewer support 16th January 2020
    OneDrive supports previewers of over 320+ file types - and now add to that 360° images. Once your 360° images are uploaded into OneDrive, you get a rich, interactive preview of the images without leaving OneDrive, and without requiring additional software or apps.Availability date: Q3 CY2019
  • Updated UI for PDF annotations 16th January 2020
    With PDFs, either as a native PDF file uploaded into OneDrive or when you scan an item like a whiteboard, receipt or business card, you can annotate the PDF to circle items or add notes for you and others. We are updating the user interface when you go to add your annotations, to give you […]