Potential Problems in Outsourcing IT Support Services

Potential Problems in Outsourcing IT Support Services

Potential Problems in Outsourcing IT Support Services can be identified early and should be addressed before it is blown into a big problem.

IT outsourcing problems

Slower Response Time for Onsite Field Visit leading to Employee Downtime

    • How to Overcome?
      • Have Multi-Tier Onsite Site Visit Costing On depending on level of urgency
        • Same Business Day with 2 hours or 4 hours
        • Next Business Day

Poor Working Relationship

    • How to Overcome?
      • Low Engineer Turnover.
      • Fixed Assignment of 2 Engineer (Primary and Secondary)
      • Use Local Engineers (same culture background, ability to speak the same language)

Business Liability in term of Data Control and Privacy

    • How to Overcome?
      • Sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with IT Outsourced Service Support Vendor
      • Avoid Conflicts of Interests – avoid assigning engineers serving customers in the same industry or trade.

Lack of Priority

    • How to Overcome?
      • Define SLA (Service Level Agreement) clearly in the IT Outsourced Service Support contract or agreement

Lack of Continuity

    • How to Overcome?
      • Maintain Clear and Concise Documentation
        • Logical Network Diagram  with Network/Internet Connectivity
        • Labeling of IT Assets
        • Physical Server Rack
        • Inventory of IT Assets (Hardware/Software/Subscription/Contract/Agreement)
          • Purchase Invoice
          • Purchase Date
          • Warranty Period
          • Expiry Date
        • Summary of Login Credentials to IT Assets
        • Backup/Restore Schedule

Lack of Standardization

    • How to Overcome?
      • Maintain SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for
        • Onboarding/Departing Employee
        • IT Equipment Naming Convention
        • IT Support Escalation
        • IT Support Process
        • IT Procurement

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) When Considering to Outsource IT Support Services