Potential Problems in Outsourcing IT Support Services

Potential Problems in Outsourcing IT Support Services

IT outsourcing problems

Slower Response Time for Onsite Field Visit leading to Employee Downtime

    • How to Overcome?
      • Have Multi-Tier Onsite Site Visit Costing On depending on level of urgency
        • Same Business Day with 2 hours or 4 hours
        • Next Business Day

Poor Working Relationship

    • How to Overcome?
      • Low Engineer Turnover.
      • Fixed Assignment of 2 Engineer (Primary and Secondary)
      • Use Local Engineers (same culture background, ability to speak the same language)

Business Liability in term of Data Control and Privacy

    • How to Overcome?
      • Sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with IT Outsourced Service Support Vendor
      • Avoid Conflicts of Interests – avoid assigning engineers serving customers in the same industry or trade.

Lack of Priority

    • How to Overcome?
      • Define SLA (Service Level Agreement) clearly in the IT Outsourced Service Support contract or agreement

Lack of Continuity

    • How to Overcome?
      • Maintain Clear and Concise Documentation
        • Logical Network Diagram  with Network/Internet Connectivity
        • Labeling of IT Assets
        • Physical Server Rack
        • Inventory of IT Assets (Hardware/Software/Subscription/Contract/Agreement)
          • Purchase Invoice
          • Purchase Date
          • Warranty Period
          • Expiry Date
        • Summary of Login Credentials to IT Assets
        • Backup/Restore Schedule

Lack of Standardization

    • How to Overcome?
      • Maintain SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for
        • Onboarding/Departing Employee
        • IT Equipment Naming Convention
        • IT Support Escalation
        • IT Support Process
        • IT Procurement

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) When Considering to Outsource IT Support Services