Enhanced iSprint Connectivity Solution

As a part of the Enhanced iSprint connectivity solutions, M1, SingNet, Starhub and  MyRepublic are Retail Service Providers (RSPs) to provide high-speed connectivity for SMES to enable and accelerate adoption of ICT solutions.

SMEs who purchase Intermediate or Specialized solutions are eligible to get up to 12 months of subsidy for fiber subscription plans of at least 100Mbps, while those who purchase Sector solutions can get a subsidy for up to $120 per month for 24 months.

In addition, SMEs can power their public-facing business premises with wireless connection for their guests’ use while enjoying savings of 50% of the cost of Wireless@SG equipment, capped at $2,400.





Top Tier ISP

a) Business 100 (Subsidized)

b) Business 100 Burstable up to 200Mbps (Subsidized)

c) Business 200 (Subsidized)

d) Business 200 Burstable up to 500Mbps (Subsidized)

e) Business Plus (Subsidized)

f) Business Pro (Subsidized)


MyRepublic Ltd

Tel: 6436 6638


a) SingNet eVolve Broadband 100M

b) SingNet eVolve Broadband 150M

c) SingNet eVolve Broadband 250M

d) SingNet eVolve Broadband 300M

e) SingNet eLite Access Unlimited (100M)

f) Meg@POP IPVPN eLite (100Mbps)


Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Tel: 1800 763 1111


a) M1 Fibre Bizpac 100Mbps (GPON)

b) M1 Fibre Bizpac 200Mbps (GPON)


M1 Net Limited

Tel: 6655 5899


a) NGN Biz BB Ultimate (100Mbps)

b) NGN Biz BB Elite (250Mbps)

c) SWE NGN Value (100Mbps Static with 16 IP Address)

d) SWE NGN Value (200Mbps Static with 16 IP Address)


StarHub Ltd

Tel: 1800 888 8888


2nd Tier ISP

ReadSpace Cloud Connect 100Mbps (24 mths)


ReadySpace (SG) Pte Ltd

Tel: 6496 0090


Zone Surf

a) ZONE Surf 100 (24 mths)

b) ZONE Surf 150 (24 mths)

c) ZONE Surf 200 (24 mths)

d) ZONE Surf 250 (24 mths)

e) ZONE Surf 300 (24 mths)

f) ZONE Power 100 (24 mths)

g) ZONE Power 150 (24 mths)

h) ZONE Power 200 (24 mths)

i) ZONE Power 250 (24 mths)

j) ZONE Power 300 (24 mths)


Zone Telecom Pte Ltd

Tel: 6221 1511


OSINet Standard Internet Connectivity (Dynamic NBN) 100Mbps (24 mths)


OSINet Communications Pte Ltd

Tel: 6746 3822