Manufactured in Yamagata, Japan, Casio projectors use cost-saving light source units to keep production costs low, thus ensuring the new generation projectors are competitively priced.

Guided by our philosophy of going from zero to one, we have created a whole new market for eco-friendly, cost-efficient projectors. For the first time, organisations have an energy-saving, environmentally-sustainable tool to go ‘Lamp Free for a Brighter Future’. These projectors deliver optimal performance and efficiency, along with a compact design, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduced carbon footprint. Since their inception in 2010, Casio’s lamp-free projectors have managed to maintain an industry-leading position, dominating the Laser and LED Hybrid projector category with close to 93% of worldwide market share.


See how Core Series projectors are making safer, brighter, more efficient classrooms

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Casio Advanced Series Projectors provide high brightness and connectivity for use in large and small rooms.

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The thinnest high brightness projector – 1.7 inches thin and approximately the size of a sheet of paper and only 5 lbs.

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4K Ultra HD 

Our 4K Ultra HD projector delivers images of approximately 8.3 million pixels; reproducing the color and beauty of images at a markedly higher level than conventional projectors.

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Ultra Short Throw 

Short Throw Projectors project bright crisp images at close range with a full assortment of connectivity & features.

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