What is role of the IT Support?

The primary role of the IT Support is to provide the business the ability to use IT solutions in a reliable and secure way.

The secondary role is to integrate or unify all their IT solutions served on a single platform.

The tasks covers

  • Processing Staff Onboarding
    • Setup Email Mailbox
    • Add User to Distribution List
    • Setup User Profile on Server
    • Setup User Desktop
    • Sign Staff IT Use Policy Agreement
    • Handing over of IT Equipment
  • Processing Staff Departure
    • Backup Mailbox
    • Delete User Mailbox
    • Delete User from Distribution List
    • Deactivate User Profile on Server
    • Cleanup User Desktop
    • Taking over of IT Equipment
  • Troubleshooting Common End User’s issues
    • Cannot send and receive email
    • Cannot print
    • Printer Jam
    • Slow PC Performance
onboarding IT Staff
IT Support Tasks
  • Perform Weekly check on system logs of server
  • Perform Weekly backup checks
  • Perform Monthly System Health Checklist to check server and network equipment
  • Maintain IT Hardware Asset Inventory
  • Maintain IT Hardware Standard and Extended Warranty
  • Maintain IT Logical and Physical Network Diagram
  • Maintain IT Software Licensing
  • Maintain IT Services Subscription (Internet Access, Domain, Email Hosting, Web Hosting)

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