What is the role of IT Support?

What is role of the IT Support?

The primary role of the IT Support is to provide the business the ability to use IT solutions in a reliable and secure way.

The secondary role is to integrate or unify all their IT solutions served on a single platform.

Role of IT Support

  • Processing Staff Onboarding
    • Setup Email Mailbox
    • Add User to Distribution List
    • Setup User Profile on Server
    • Setup User Desktop
    • Sign Staff IT Use Policy Agreement
    • Handing over of IT Equipment
  • Processing Staff Departure
    • Backup Mailbox
    • Delete User Mailbox
    • Delete User from Distribution List
    • Deactivate User Profile on Server
    • Cleanup User Desktop
    • Taking over of IT Equipment
  • Troubleshooting Common End User’s issues
    • Cannot send and receive email
    • Cannot print
    • Printer Jam
    • Slow PC Performance
What is the role of IT Support?
What is the role of IT Support?

Role of IT Support

  • Perform Weekly check on system logs of server
  • Perform Weekly backup checks
  • Perform Monthly System Health Checklist to check server and network equipment
  • Maintain IT Hardware Asset Inventory
  • Maintain IT Hardware Standard and Extended Warranty
  • Maintain IT Logical and Physical Network Diagram
  • Maintain IT Software Licensing
  • Maintain IT Services Subscription (Internet Access, Domain, Email Hosting, Web Hosting)